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Would bird-nesting work for your family?

The way that people divorce has radically changed in the past few decades, especially for those with children. Gone are the days when a mother automatically received primary custody of the children and the father received one night a week and every other weekend for visitation.

Are you thinking about mediating your child custody issues?

If you are like most Texas parents, you hope to minimize the impact that your divorce will have on your children. That being the case, neither of you wants to risk your divorce degrading into a contentious court battle that could make the process harder on everyone, especially your children. So, you and the other parent decided that you didn't want to go to court to resolve your issues.

To litigate or not to litigate: That is the question in divorce

You may have seen the breakdown of your marriage coming long before it finally happened, or you may be one of many spouses in Texas who ended up filing for divorce when a cataclysmic event occurred that caused irreparable damage to your relationship. Either way, you will need to make a number of decisions before you can walk away with a divorce decree in your hand. In fact, the very process by which you choose to seek a settlement may be the first choice you make.

How can you help your kids live comfortably in 2 homes?

After a divorce, you may feel like your life has turned upside down. Of course, if you have children, you may also need to consider how the change has impacted their lives. They may struggle with the new living arrangements, and sometimes, those struggles may manifest in a variety of ways. During this time, you may want to be as compassionate and understanding as possible.

Any way you slice it, turkey day may be stressful after divorce

If you are one of many parents in Texas whose summer agenda included getting divorced, you may be feeling a bit anxious and worried about your first upcoming holiday season ahead. It's likely been quite some time since you were single, and celebrating the holidays as a single parent may present additional challenges in your festivities. It's quite possible, however, not only to survive your first post-divorce holiday season (and future ones as well) but to actually enjoy yourself and build happy memories with your kids.

When do grandparents have custody or visitation rights?

Family law issues are sensitive and complicated, particularly those pertaining to child custody and visitation. Any time there are children involved, there are also strong emotions involved as well, and it can be difficult for a Texas family to reach a reasonable conclusion regarding their concerns.

Can I change a custody plan after my divorce is final?

After a divorce is final, life continues to change for Texas parents. In some cases, these life changes are significant enough to merit a change to an existing custody order. Adjustments to custody and visitation schedules are not necessarily easy to obtain, but you may find that it is necessary and beneficial for your family to pursue one.

The parenting plan is the foundation for post-divorce parenting

It's tough being a parent. Children don't come with owner's manuals, and figuring out how to care for a particular child can often feel like being lost at sea. When a divorce gets thrown into the mix, the job may get even harder. You may wonder how to make the transitions ahead easier on your children and how to continue being loving and supportive parents even though the marriage has ended.

Collaboration could lead to a stronger post-divorce future

When two people decide to divorce, it signals significant changes in various areas of life. From living arrangements to financial stability, it seems that much is at stake and everything is uncertain. In order to reduce the stress and complication of the divorce process, some Texas couples choose collaboration over a traditional divorce.

Is there such a thing as a peaceful divorce?

Texas couples preparing for divorce often dread the complications and stress that they believe is an inevitable part of ending a marriage. While there is really is no such thing as an easy divorce, it is possible to minimize the contention in a way that allows for a more peaceful and cooperative divorce.


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