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Are kids at risk of developing health issues due to divorce?

Worrying about your children's health and general well-being commonly comes along with parenthood. You may try your best to ensure that they have a healthy diet, get enough exercise and keep stressful situations to a minimum. However, you cannot avoid all potential circumstances that could significantly impact your kids, and if you and your spouse have chosen to divorce, your children will certainly face considerable changes.

Though you likely understand that living arrangements will change as will parenting time, you may not fully know that the divorce could have potential health impacts on your kids as well. In fact, children of divorce commonly develop certain ailments more often than kids whose parents remain married.

Possible issues

A recent study utilized over 460 children between the ages of two and 18 and examined the relationship between divorce and health-related issues. The study indicated that children who have divorced parents face a higher likelihood of developing issues such as:

  • Gastrointestinal problems and digestive issues
  • Issues relating to genital and urinary organs
  • Skin conditions
  • Mental and emotional hardships

These findings show that children with divorced parents could develop an array of health problems ranging from the head to stomach and other areas of the body. The believed cause that affects the development of these health concerns relates to stress. You likely already know that children placed under a large amount of stress can face negative impacts, and this type of situation is no different.

Reducing the risks

The primary factor of divorce that contributes to these problems does not necessarily connect to the ending of the marriage itself. Rather, the manner in which you and the other parent handle the situation will have the most impact on your children's reactions. Therefore, if you address the divorce, child custody proceedings and other related aspects with as little conflict as possible, you may reduce the chances of your kids suffering adverse health effects.

Though you undoubtedly do not want to add stress to your kids' lives, you may feel uncertain when it comes to approaching the legal aspects of your case. If you hope to find the most amicable methods for dealing with custody and other areas of your divorce, you may wish to explore your legal options. Discussing your concerns with an experienced Texas attorney could help you better understand your avenues for moving forward.

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