Paralegal Profile

Kris RyanSally "Kris" Ryan is a certified paralegal, having graduated from the University of North Texas Paralegal Studies Program. Kris has worked exclusively as a family law paralegal since 2010 and is extremely well-versed in family law, child welfare law and trial procedures, in addition to her lengthy experience in trial court management. Since Kris joined the firm in 2010, Jennifer has been able to serve her clients even more effectively and devote more time to complex family law matters.

Having formerly served as a court administrator in the Dallas County Family District Courts for nearly 20 years, Kris has unique insight and tremendous respect for the serious responsibility of family law judges. Kris helps clients keep their desired goals in mind, as separating emotion from laws and procedures can be difficult when involved in a family law matter. Kris' support and guidance help clients keep their focus as well as their peace of mind.

Our clients know that Kris proudly represents the high standards of our firm, and she personally understands that each client is undergoing a tumultuous time that merits the utmost compassion. Jennifer and Kris work diligently to find solutions to best preserve the peace of the family going forward, navigating the strategy for the most favorable outcomes for our clients. We serve our clients in the same way we would hope to be served when relying on a legal team. Kris is available and responsive to our clients when they need her, and is diligent about keeping our clients in the loop. We understand that every client needs to be informed, and every case needs to be completed as efficiently as possible.