What Our Clients Say

During a very hard situation the only time I felt there was any hope was the first time I called the office. From that point forward I felt completely confident that I had someone on my side and that things were going to work out and be okay. We received a better outcome than we had expected and always felt that Jen Goldman and Kris Ryan had our best interest in mind. They went above and beyond to make sure the outcome was better than we could have hoped for. I am lucky to have found her and would highly recommend her to anyone.


Jennifer and Kris really helped me through a horrible experience involving custody of a child from a previous marriage. They were always there when i needed them and they were understanding of my needs. I couldn't have found a better lawyer to handle the delicate, stressful, and emotional case.

Jennifer Goldman is an outstanding custody and family law attorney. Over the course of 3 years, she worked diligently to resolve issues in a very high conflict custody case involving my son. She stayed calm and resolute, and kept me calm when tensions were high. She is very professional and knowledgeable about the law and how the family law judicial system works. After a long, drawn-out process, she achieved the results I wanted, which were in my son's best interest. I would hire Jennifer again and highly recommend her to anyone wanting a top-notch attorney for both high conflict and cooperative family situations.

Jennifer Goldman and her staff were caring, professional, personal, timely, and accurate when serving our family. This law firm became part of our family, and we are truly grateful for the wonderful service they provided. Every email, phone call, and request was immediately attended. Jennifer and her staff made themselves available for our family during critical meetings, phone calls, and whenever we needed a friendly voice and sounding board for feedback. We would recommend Jennifer Goldman and her staff to anyone in need of an attorney, and we will use them again in the future if ever the need arises.

Mrs. Jennifer Goldman kept my children's best always the center of the case. She and her knowledgeable staff made it easy for me to find the best solutions, knowing she and her team had not just my back but as I mentioned my children, as well. Her timely responses, time for details and her time and patience towards our meetings, phone calls, court sessions, emails, etc left a very sweet taste of a fine lawyer whose an awesome, caring and genuine human being. I highly recommend Mrs. Jennifer Goldman, she's the best and my favorite part in my dealings with her is her AMAZING PRESENTATION. I wish her much success. Thank you for going over and beyond my expectation.

Jennifer and her team were amazing to work with! They were very knowledgeable and always kept me informed on the status of my case. They were kind and compassionate yet tough when needed. I am so thankful I had Jennifer to assist me! I would definitely use her again.

We had a unique & volatile case (they all are, right?). Jennifer could not have represented us better.
She explained the legal complexities and then went about working as our total advocate. She didn't mince words when needed but was ALWAYS there holding our hands. There would be no hesitation to call Jennifer if the need were ever to arise again and even just for simple advice.

Very thorough , meticulous with details that can make or break a case, she and her paralegal were very supportive through the entire process to the point that I used them again (although unfortunate i had to but there is no one I would trust more to fight for what is right). She sees the whole picture and protected both my nursing license and foster license by pointing out all the obvious facts and getting supporting documentation to have the original disposition overturned.

I had the good fortune of having Jennifer Goldman represent me during one of the most tumultuous times in my life, my divorce. I consulted with three other divorce attorneys before visiting with Ms. Goldman. I decided to engage her services after a brief time during our initial consultation. That was the best decision that I could have made.

Ms. Goldman was very informative on what my rights were as a parent, and the possible implications of the partition of our assets. She was very knowledgeable as to the law, and its application to my specific facts. Her initial representations on how to proceed with my divorce proved to be accurate up to the time that the final decree was signed.

Ms. Goldman and her office kept me continually informed of the divorce proceedings as they progressed. Every question that I had along the way was answered in a timely manner and I was constantly advised as to the direction of the proceedings. At no time during the process did I feel that I was "out of the loop" on what was going on, or what our next step should be. This placed a great deal of comfort on me during that difficult time in my life. Her ability to foresee the direction of the divorce proceedings also proved to be comforting as I knew that any matter that arose would be swiftly addressed, and in most instances the proper response had already been planned. The strategic positions taken on my case were thoroughly discussed with me ahead of time which allowed for my input and participation in the direction of the proceedings.

I have recommended Jennifer Goldman to several potential clients who are going through divorce, and will continue to do so. I cannot thank her enough for the work that she performed on my behalf. I could not have retained a more effective advocate to act on my behalf and the interests of my children.

Jennifer was able to turn a potential family crisis into a very reasonable solution. Without her, our situation would have been turned into a horrible story for us and our children. She helped our children avoid unnecessary involvement by CPS. We would be dealing with outside involvement in our family for possibly months and even worse circumstances. We highly recommend Jennifer. She was a Godsend.

Jen and Kris are an awesome team that gave me options when I asked for them, listened AND took notes whenever I spoke with them, laid out expenses and chances of success on different courses of action, and held me back from actions I needed to be held back from. They were there for my daughter and I when we needed them most. They set expectations for me so I knew what to expect and pretty much when to expect action.

I have referred several people to them for Jenn's services.

Our case had a great AND timely outcome and I recommend her with zero hesitation.

I never waited more than an evening for an answer to a question and sometimes got replies late into the night when most lawyers would be unreachable.

Our case had to do with enforcing a difficult and detailed decree and modifying custody orders for the benefit of my daughter. We won more than I expected we would and my daughter is now in a far safer place, making almost straight A's. She's sleeping and feels secure.

Should additional similar legal issues occur in my life, I'll be calling Jennifer for help.

She has my trust and confidence.

Couldn't have asked for better and more caring representation. Guided us through every custody legal aspect at every step and we felt we were part of a knowledgeable, well-organized team with superb leadership.

Jennifer and her team, specifically Kris, have handled several different family member foster care issues for us over the last few years. They have both been great at reviewing the numerous possible options as well as informing us on how they expect things would proceed legally for each of those options. Jennifer kept me informed during the process and answered each and every of my questions along the way. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking honest, fair and thorough legal assistance in any family legal matter.

Jennifer helped me understand the legal and practical issues of my case. They answered the phone, they kept me involved. They listened and cared about my life, and my children's future.

My kids are where they should be, and were not dragged into an ugly battle during the process.