Protecting You From The Start Of A CPS Investigation

Being contacted by Child Protective Services is a frightening experience. As a parent, you may wonder what CPS will do, whether they will remove your children, and how you can best get through this difficult situation. A lawyer who understands how Texas CPS investigations work and is experienced with the CPS bureaucracy can help you protect your interests and the best interests of your child.

At the Law Offices of Jennifer S. Goldman, P.L.L.C., you will work with a Dallas CPS investigation attorney who worked for many years representing CPS in the Child Welfare Division of the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. Working as a team with an experienced paralegal, our law firm will provide the advice and representation you need from the moment CPS becomes involved in your life.

Representation In All Stages Of CPS Investigations

The sooner you contact an attorney after hearing from CPS, the more smoothly your involvement with CPS may go. Backed by years of experience with the Child Welfare Division, our lawyer knows what CPS investigators consider a priority when they investigate families and how best to alleviate concerns.

We will work with you to alleviate CPS concerns and protect your interests. We will advise you on safety plans and all other aspects of an investigation and involvement. Depending on your needs, our goal will likely be to protect your rights and resolve CPS concerns without the need for court action. In the event that court action is needed, we provide experienced representation in CPS court cases.

Challenging The Disposition Of Your Case

At the end of a CPS investigation, the worker must assign a disposition to your case, determining whether physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or neglectful supervision occurred. Even if your case is closed and your child remains in your home, you may still want to challenge the disposition of the investigation.

  • Dispositions that indicate abuse or neglect occurred can affect your ability to secure certain employment that involves working with children, including teaching or volunteering at schools.
  • If CPS investigates you in the future, having a prior disposition of neglect or abuse could negatively impact you.

If you receive a potentially harmful disposition after a CPS investigation, we can challenge it through an administrative review.

Contact A Dallas Child Protective Services Attorney

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