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3 tips for telling kids about your divorce

Whether you constantly fight with your spouse or you have just been drifting apart for years, this is probably a difficult time for you. You may be ready to divorce but are not sure how to break the news to your kids. You should be certain that you're going to file for divorce before you tell them, but once you know that, you will need to plan to have "the talk" with them.

Here are 3 tips to help you - and them - through the discussion.

Is there such a thing as a peaceful divorce?

Texas couples preparing for divorce often dread the complications and stress that they believe is an inevitable part of ending a marriage. While there is really is no such thing as an easy divorce, it is possible to minimize the contention in a way that allows for a more peaceful and cooperative divorce.

The collaborative divorce process is an option for couples who wish to avoid a costly and lengthy court battle. By working together per the terms of a participation agreement, collaboration allows both parties to have their voices heard and maintain more control over a final divorce order.

Custody plans for parents with non-traditional schedules

Child custody is one of the most important issues that must be resolved in a divorce, and it is a particularly complex issue for parents who have non-traditional or complicated work schedules. If you do not have a normal schedule, you may be wondering how to secure rightful parenting time while still juggling your career obligations.